Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photos from the Summer Camp

Rowan about to fall asleep

Samuel enjoying the Cheerios...and don't you just love his little do rag?

Rowan, protective of the apple

The Russian countryside, as seen from the summer camp.

The entrance to the camp
One of the play areas
The actual building

One of the play pins


Sandra said...

How are the boys, and how are you all doing? I can only imagine the additional challenges that you're facing. I pray God's peace and wisdom and encouragement for you all.

Snobound said...

Can't wait for another update on how y'all have adjusted. I would love to hear about some of the changes you've gone through - things you expected and didn't happen. Things you didn't expect but happened. How the boys have adjusted. Any problems (health, emotionally, mentally, etc.) that have come up. What it's like to be a thriving couple one day and a family of four the next. My dream is to adopt one day and I've loved following your journey thus far. Blessings.

ck_tulsa said...

Just wondering, are you through with blogging? I would love to see an update. Thanks,