Wednesday, February 18, 2009

faster than a speeding bullet

Yes, that's how Steve and I feel this process is moving.

We received additional pictures and medical information this week. I think Samuel (Aleksey) is going to be very ornery, and Rowan (Vladimir) is going to need lots of love.

Anyway, we had a conversation with the physician at Children's this morning. Her assessment:

These two are two of the better referrals she has seen from Russia. They both are very small (height and weight) for their age, however, they do have good sized heads, which is very telling of normal brain growth and development. Based on the photos, she does not see any physical characteristics of fetal alcohol syndrome. She expects there are likely some developmental delays, which are typical of children who live in orphanages. Overall, she sees nothing unusual, or indicative of greater medical issues.

That said, we will accept the referral of the boys in the morning. We have a few pieces of paperwork to complete, and then the waiting game begins again. The anticipated time frame to travel is 1-2 months. We think that we could be traveling within a month, if not sooner.

Keep us in your thoughts as we wait to hear about travel dates to finally meet our boys.


Courtney said...

That is such great news. I'm so happy that things are moving along so quickly for you. It is the wait that will wreck you. Good Luck in all that is left.


Genny said...

Ornery kids? Now how would God ever think to give Steve ornery kids??? Too funny. Can't wait to keep seeing more pictures and updates!!

DeborahB said...

Hello Steve and Liz! Found out about your journey through Pastor Ryan's blog and just donated to the adoption fund. I can sympathize with infertility--I am a 3x surrogate. I've delivered 3 sets of twins for 2 wonderful families, who wanted to be parents more than anything, just like you two. I feel very strongly that everyone who desires to be parents have that opportunity to do so. Good luck to you and prayers for the boys to come home and meet their mom and dad soon!

Kelly said...

God bless you on this journey as you are such a blessing to these children. Thank you for showing your love in this way.

Shayla's Mom said...

Hi Steve & Liz. I found your blog through Pastor Ryan. My husband and I have been exactly where you are now. Many people don't understand the way you feel, but I can honestly say that we do. We tried for years to have children and were finally just told that it's not possible. We chose to adopt. Our process was 27 months long...we adopted from China. It was the hardest, but most wonderful thing that we could have ever done. I have a beautiful daughter now, she's 27 months old...we got her at 10 months. I felt that we were led to adoption. It might sound weird, but I just knew it was what my life was supposed to be and no matter how hard the wait was, I knew I had to hang on and just have faith it would all work out. Just when you have feelings of hopelessness, something good will happen to encourage you to just hang on a little longer. Best of luck, I will continue to follow your blog. It will work out for you...just as it should.

Lisa (Shayla's Mom)

Spruce Hill said...

Wishing you all the best on your journey! I will keep you in my prayers.