Saturday, August 29, 2009


We made it to Moscow. It's currently 1:30 Saturday afternoon, and all 3 of my boys are asleep. Monday we visit the Embassy, and Tuesday we head home.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Live, from Novokuznetsk, it's...

...well, it was going to be a video of Sam snoring, but my connection wouldn't let me load it.

That said, we did get the boys, about noon on Friday. It was rather unceremonious. We went in, changed their clothes, and walked right out.

The first 48 hours of parenting have been insane. Steve and I can only hope it gets better. The boys are exact opposites. Rowan is very timid and gentle spirited. He can't go anywhere without me by his side. Needless to say, every time I got to the bathroom, I have a 2 year old standing next to me. He also is not a good sleeper. If we lay him in the crib he immediately starts blood curdling screaming. He also has to be rocked to sleep, but has a keen instinct for knowing exactly when he is about to hit the bed. I haven't gotten much sleep. He loves getting dressed and eating, but hates bath time.

Sam loves bed time. About 8pm, he grabs Steve's hand and walks over to the crib, telling him in broken Russian that it's time for bed. He then lays quietly until he falls asleep. Naps are a different story. He hates them and refuses to look at the crib. Toddler meltdowns are pretty common starting 5:30. Really toddler meltdowns are common all day. Sam was the beloved one at the orphanage, and is used to getting his way. He also thinks that hitting and biting are the best way to get what he wants. Sam is a pretty good eater, but usually wants what Steve and I are eating. Sam loves bath time. The only way Steve could get him out of the tub was to let the water out.

The plan is still to leave Novokuznetsk on Thursday the 27th, and then leave Moscow on Tuesday the 1st. Continue to pray that these coming days go fast, and that we can remain patient and sane. (And I really was going to upload some photos, but Firefox gave me the thumbs down, check facebook).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back in business

I lied.

We aren't quite in Moscow yet, but thanks to some awesome families who came before us, we found a cafe with free wi-fi! In mid May, an American couple came to this area of Russia for a business trip. Along the way, they met the American couples here to adopt. They started a notebook of local resturaunts, shops, attractions, helpful tips/tricks, in hopes of making the trips of those that come after easier. Needless to say, we have located a cafe with an English menu, American music (top 40 stuff), free wi-fi, and friendly service. Life is good again.

We have been here for 8 days now. We are told we will take the boys from the orphanage on Friday the 21st. We were supposed to get them on Monday the 24th, but the orphanage does not allow visits on the weekends or Mondays, so it will have to be earlier...oh darn :)

The boys are doing well, growing and bonding more everyday. Rowan still thinks Steve is the hairy, scary monster, and cries for the first half hour of each visit. He did look at Steve and acknowledge him as pappa today, which is more than the kid has done all week. I was actually able to get him to laugh and smile quite a bit today, and he was talking up a storm. He is definately locked in a shell that takes a while to open.

Sam still thinks that every woman he sees is momma. It also makes it hard for me to bond with him because I've spent so much time with Rowan. Rowan has to be within a hand reach of me at all times, which makes it hard to chase a 3 year old all over the place.

Steve and I are doing well also. The hotel we are staying at this time is much nicer than the hotel we stayed at in April. Our hotel now is in the business section of town, so the accomidations and location are more geared towards business travelers. This hotel has a full size tub, so Steve can actually take a shower. For why this is important, reference here. It's amazing what accomidations will do for ones emotional state.

At some point, probably over the coming weeks or once we get back, we will chronical each day. Stay tuned as the adventures from this trip completely shadow the adventures from the last trip.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick update

Hey everyone!

It's currently 5:30pm on Thursday, August 13 in Novokuznetsk, Russia. We had our court date this morning. While the judge was cool, and Steve did well answering questions, the 10 day waiting period was not waived. In spite of that, the boys are officially ours! Sam and Rowan are officially Myers'. I don't think it has really sunk in yet, and they must remain in the orphanage until the 24th.

We've already had some great travel adventures too! I can't wait to tell you all about the stole purse, the day at the police station, the speeding ticket, and the near fatal car ride...ok, Steve will have to tell about the near fatal car ride. Again, I was oblivious as that happened.

We will update much more once we get to Moscow.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The day has finally arrived. I can't say that I feel any different yet. I also don't think it has truly set in yet. The only real thoughts in my head are about whether or not I can get everything on my list done before we leave (and yes, this is one of them).

Big Russian bear hugs and thanks to everyone who has partnered with us, be it financially, or through prayer, or those who have been our sounding boards during times of frustration. This has been a very long journey for us, and we couldn't have done it without you.

I'm not sure what the internet service will look like in Siberia, so you may not hear much until we return to Moscow, on the 27th.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

T - minus 17.5 hours

We leave at 9am tomorrow.

We are packed. Do you have any idea what it's like to pack for 2 people for 24 days, in addition to 2 boys for 8 days? 3 large suitcases, a large duffel, and 2 back packs later, we got it all. I think only packed a couple pairs of pants and a few shirts, but I feel like I grabbed everything including the kitchen sink!

We have been challenged by baggage restrictions also. On Delta, we can take all our bags for no fees. On the Russian airline, we can only take 1 checked bag each, weighing 44 lbs, and one carry on each, weighing 15 lbs. We finally decided the headache was worth the $10 per extra bag. On the way home, the boys will be ticketed passengers, so they can check bags, and of course, on the way home, we won't have nearly as much stuff with us.

Starting at 9am tomorrow, we will do about 36 hours of traveling, finally arriving in Novokuznetsk around 6:30am on Tuesday (6:30pm Monday EST). Prayers are appreciated for safe travel, and actually sleeping on the flights.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The room

As promised, photos of Sam and Rowan's room. We went Dr. Seuss themed, inspired by some furniture we found at IKEA. While we didn't end up going with that set (we are on a budget), we made it work. I think the boys will like it.

And what's a Dr. Suess room without the Cat in the Hat, a couple of things, Horton, and the Lorax.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Myers, party of 4...

...your table is almost available.

In a month, my family will have grown by a factor of 2. Wow. It's less than a week before we leave again, only this time it will be for almost a month.

Our passports and visas arrived today. We can legally get into the country (take note for those who really want to see Iran or N. Korea). Our Rubles arrived today as well, so we can pay for our hotel and food while there. Now, that's not to say we didn't load up on stuff that we could make with hot water...pasta, oatmeal, tuna, and tons of snacks. 16 nights will be a long time.

I just booked the rest of our airline tickets. August is apparently a popular month to travel in Russia, and it's reflected in the price. Thank God we didn't have to pay much at all in travel for the first trip.

I think we finally have everything we need for the trip. I did have a bit of a moment last week in Target. I went to buy some items Steve and I would need for the trip, and suddenly found myself in the baby aisle realizing I hadn't purchased any diaper wipes, or baby powder, or toiletries for the boys. Steve reminded me that those were needed, and to grab a red basket to carry them.

The room is finally done. I just have to remove the paint cans. I'll post some pics before we leave.

The only thing left, other than packing, is maintaining my sanity. God help me with both.