Sunday, August 23, 2009

Live, from Novokuznetsk, it's...

...well, it was going to be a video of Sam snoring, but my connection wouldn't let me load it.

That said, we did get the boys, about noon on Friday. It was rather unceremonious. We went in, changed their clothes, and walked right out.

The first 48 hours of parenting have been insane. Steve and I can only hope it gets better. The boys are exact opposites. Rowan is very timid and gentle spirited. He can't go anywhere without me by his side. Needless to say, every time I got to the bathroom, I have a 2 year old standing next to me. He also is not a good sleeper. If we lay him in the crib he immediately starts blood curdling screaming. He also has to be rocked to sleep, but has a keen instinct for knowing exactly when he is about to hit the bed. I haven't gotten much sleep. He loves getting dressed and eating, but hates bath time.

Sam loves bed time. About 8pm, he grabs Steve's hand and walks over to the crib, telling him in broken Russian that it's time for bed. He then lays quietly until he falls asleep. Naps are a different story. He hates them and refuses to look at the crib. Toddler meltdowns are pretty common starting 5:30. Really toddler meltdowns are common all day. Sam was the beloved one at the orphanage, and is used to getting his way. He also thinks that hitting and biting are the best way to get what he wants. Sam is a pretty good eater, but usually wants what Steve and I are eating. Sam loves bath time. The only way Steve could get him out of the tub was to let the water out.

The plan is still to leave Novokuznetsk on Thursday the 27th, and then leave Moscow on Tuesday the 1st. Continue to pray that these coming days go fast, and that we can remain patient and sane. (And I really was going to upload some photos, but Firefox gave me the thumbs down, check facebook).


puddlegirl said...

I hope it gets easier. Once you get them home and into a routine it will most likely become easier.

Snobound said...

This is awesome! I'm so happy for you guys and I can't wait to see how this grand adventure unfolds for y'all. This is an amazing journey you're on and God is surely going to be a blessing to those two boys through you two.