Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Myers, party of 4...

...your table is almost available.

In a month, my family will have grown by a factor of 2. Wow. It's less than a week before we leave again, only this time it will be for almost a month.

Our passports and visas arrived today. We can legally get into the country (take note for those who really want to see Iran or N. Korea). Our Rubles arrived today as well, so we can pay for our hotel and food while there. Now, that's not to say we didn't load up on stuff that we could make with hot water...pasta, oatmeal, tuna, and tons of snacks. 16 nights will be a long time.

I just booked the rest of our airline tickets. August is apparently a popular month to travel in Russia, and it's reflected in the price. Thank God we didn't have to pay much at all in travel for the first trip.

I think we finally have everything we need for the trip. I did have a bit of a moment last week in Target. I went to buy some items Steve and I would need for the trip, and suddenly found myself in the baby aisle realizing I hadn't purchased any diaper wipes, or baby powder, or toiletries for the boys. Steve reminded me that those were needed, and to grab a red basket to carry them.

The room is finally done. I just have to remove the paint cans. I'll post some pics before we leave.

The only thing left, other than packing, is maintaining my sanity. God help me with both.