Tuesday, March 31, 2009

traveling coming soon

For now, we play the waiting game. There won't be much to update until we get back from Russia.

We officially have our travel booked. We leave on April 25th for Moscow. We are going to stay there and be tourist for a couple days, or just sleep inside the hotel. Tickets were way cheaper to fly in a couple days earlier...$550 buck a piece, round trip to Moscow, out of CVG!

We arrive in Novokuznetsk on April 29th, and will leave early on the morning of May 1st. We don't know exactly how much time we will spend with the boys, but we do know we have to meet with the orphanage director and doctor, and go to the local courts to file our official petition to adopt the boys.

We arrive back in Cincinnati on the evening of May 2nd. Then the countdown begins until the boys come home.

There have been 2 blessings in our travel planning. First, all of our travel for the first trip has been paid. I accumulated enough frequent flier miles and hotel points to pay for the flights to Moscow and the hotel. Our flights from Moscow to Novokuznetsk have also been paid. The second blessing is that another couple will be traveling with us. While they don't speak Russian, it will at least be nice to have someone else around who also speaks English.


Courtney said...

Good Luck. Can't wait to see pictures and hear all the happy news.