Friday, May 22, 2009

Photos from the last day

In front of the orphanage

Sam being a cling on

More books

I found his ticklish spot

The fam

Rowan petting the tiger (and no, this does not make him a Bengals fan)

Rowan and momma

Rowan and the cups

Sam dragging the toy bag down the hall

He stopped to wave bye


Anonymous said...

Okay, that family pic is the cutest thing ever. Steve is grinning ear-to-ear in every picture he's in, and Elizabeth, you look pretty comfortable holding your kids. Don't worry about the potty training. It's a trial no matter what kind of family you have, and I'm sure you've felt your parental instincts kicking in. These pictures make me emotional. Yes, the boys seem to be well taken care of, but it will be such a blessing for them to have people who care for them as PARENTS. They're going to have fun, vibrant young lives that they wouldn't have had otherwise. Consider it a high calling that God called you guys to adopt. It is definitely the more difficult road, and it's one you have to go out of your way to choose to travel :)